Current Park Overview

Current Park Conditions

These photos show the current state of the combined Korean and Vietnam memorials (left) and the World War I memorial (below left). The deterioration of the brick and plaques and cracked honor roll stone is noticeable.

Each of these memorials are to be turned, so that they face into the park and then moved so as to not block the main walk-in entries from the corner arrival points.

The Korean and Vietnam memorials are to be separated, with each theatre conflict enhanced with new stones and with updates to names of Orleans residents who served.

In addition, while currently off-site from Academy Place (near Town Hall and the Cemetery on Main Street at River Road), the Town's Civil War memorial stone will join the existing memorials and be reset and preserved.

The view across Academy Place toward the south end of the park shows how the old memorials block the main entry points and are turned outward to the street . The park is bare and in need of the mentioned walking paths, re-landscaping, seating, stonework and new memorials for additional engagement. New lighting and irrigation are necessary to maintain this historic location at the intersection of Route 28 and Main St.