Programs In Store

The primary focus and function of the organization is to use proper means , marketing programs and events at its disposal and expertise to raise funds for the renovation and rejuvenation of Memorial Park at Academy Place which honors and pays tribute to Veterans who served . These efforts may be done in phases including assisting in design planning, garnering sponsorships from corporations and foundations, procuring donor naming opportunities and general donations from individuals and from grants. Construction and installation oversight will also be necessary in establishing the Park in accordance with donor wishes and design plans.

Once complete, the organization in conjunction with the Town of Orleans and the Veterans Committee will seek funding and continue to assist in maintenance and operations of Memorial Park , its monuments and tributes within the grounds as well as any future changes and expansion.

World War I memorial stone and support wall on East corner to be relocated in the Design Plan
The Park during the Holiday Season 2021. Enhancements including pathways , landscaping, and additional memorials to come!

The organization also supports the Veterans Committee in their programming for Veterans Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Programs may also be initiated to heighten public awareness of Veterans and their service, for Veterans or students of Veterans to advance their education via scholarships or for research of Veterans honored within Memorial Park at Academy Place.

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