Preliminary Design Plan

Design Plan

Site renderings below were utilized to obtain initial historical preservation grants from the Orleans Community Preservation Committee ("the CPC") in amounts approximating $35,000.  Via these grants, the Town of Orleans will cover the costs of comprehensive architectural design services related to the Park and its rejuvenation.

  Working with the Town of Orleans and the Veterans Day Committee, the initial effort of the 501(c)(3) will be to fund the addition, relocation  and refurbishment of several theatre-specific memorials, each of which will commemorate those Orleans residents who served in that war.  

The ability to honor or pay tribute to non-residents who served will be possible through donation of various elements inherent to the design.  Examples are contributions toward elements like walking paths, landscaping, brickwork, seating and  gathering areas.  The park will benefit from new stonework, lighting and irrigation, and enhancements to ensure a beautiful and dignified physical space to honor Vets and to allow a peaceful respite for local family members and visitors of all ages. 

Architect Designs and Renderings 2023 

Architect Designs 2022

Rendering 3/3/22 by Hawk Design Inc. Landscape Architecture  Sagamore, MA